Improved Irrigation Efficiency and Good Management

Table I

There is an opportunity to reduce water use by converting irrigation systems to a higher efficiency for some crops.

For example, drip systems could be used for all berry crops, vegetable crops and some of the other horticultural crops. In addition, using better management such as irrigation scheduling techniques will also reduce water use.

Table I provides a scenario of water demand if all sprinkler systems are converted to drip systems for horticultural crops in RDN, using good irrigation management.


The water demand for 2003 would reduce from 6,917,243 m3 to 6,458,897 m3 if sprinkler systems were converted to drip and good management practices were implemented.

Since forage is such a predominant crop in the region, the amount of reduction achieved is only around 500,000 m3.

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The Model can use three different irrigation management factors: good, average and poor. Table I uses ‘good’ irrigation management. Learn more about the Model.