Interactive Graphs on Groundwater Levels in BC

The BC Ministry of Environment, Environmental Reporting division, has come out with a great new way to see how Groundwater Levels are faring across the province. Their data comes from a network of dedicated observation wells that monitor groundwater availability in developed areas.

To get the scoop, and play with the interactive graphs, check out

Water Budget - BC Obs well site image

NOTE (Feb.2016): These interactive graphs have unique functionality but are only current to 2014 – to access the more current BC Observation Wells data (less interactive) please see:

There are 34 provincial observation wells which are currently active. Through a grant-funded, multi-government level partnership, 17 of these wells were added to the network between 2011 – 2013 as part of an expansion initiative to gain more groundwater data in the RDN.

4 of the wells in the RDN are displaying “large declines” according to the provincial data. 3 are showing “moderate declines” and 17 do not have enough data for trend analysis (those would be for the most part the newly added wells!) 10 have shown levels to be “stable or increasing”.

Also, a new video “It’s called groundwater!” helps explain this important resource.

Its called gw - youtube