Did you enjoy this session? Why or why not?

  • Yes, it’s the first positive step I have seen since 1993 when Joy Leach published the report “The Georgia Basin Initiative”.
  • Yes, good opportunity for public to get involved and to discuss concerns and to learn more about programs and recent research completed.
  •  Very much – good presenting of known and unknowns, full honest information provided.

Your feedback is essential to the success of this program. We work to keep the public up-to-date and involved in the development of the Drinking Water and Watershed Protection Program. The program has evolved significantly over the past five years and will now begin to focus on the development of Integrated Watershed Management Planning. Please stay involved and help us through this process!

  • It is frustrating that it is such a daunting task to put together a protection plan.

Yes, it is a large and complex task to establish an Integrated Watershed Management Planning Framework for the region. Our approach is to begin with one water region and bring that management plan to completion in a timely manner rather than embark on all regions at once. This will provide the opportunity to streamline processes and work-out the best approach, while keeping the focus specific and manageable.

  • Informative. Some of the slides difficult to understand making it hard to absorb information.
  • A little too much information for one session.

The Water Budget for Vancouver Island and Gabriola, Mudge and Decourcey are technical reports that compile a large amount of data and research about freshwater in the RDN. After our first presentation in Parksville, some of the slides were reworked to enlarge the images and summarize the technical information. Thank you for these comments. Your feedback helps us to make improvements.

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