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One Stop Shop for BC Water Info

Check it out!

Navigating the different Provincial websites for information on water is certainly not always easy, as the vast subject of water spans many Ministries and the info is not presented in a one-window type of format.

Now, however, Canada’s Premiers have consolidated all the links to everything to do with water info for each Province in one spot! It’s Canada’s Water InfoStream.


They have organized and displayed the information under the catch-all headings of:

  • Water for Nature
  • Water for Communities
  • Water and the Economy
  • Water Governance
  • Reports and Educational Resources

…but they also display all the sub-topics under each heading so it is plain to see and easier to navigate. Try it out next time you need water info from the province!

Water Blog - Water info stream


Your Chance to Comment on the Proposed Water Sustainability Act

Last week, on October 18th, the Provincial Government of BC released a legislative proposal paper for a new Water Sustainability Act.  This has been a long time coming for a couple of reasons:Legislative Proposal - BC Water Sustainability Act Oct

  • This is the first time an update and review of the Provincial Water Act has been undertaken since the inception of the Act in 1909.
  • The initial review timeline indicated changes to legislation would be presented in late 2010.

Your final chance to comment is now! Feedback from the public received by Friday, November 15, 2013 will be reviewed and considered as the provincial government prepares a final version of the new legislation.

Info on the proposal, background on the Water Act Modernization and your venue to provide feedback are laid out at:  http://engage.gov.bc.ca/watersustainabilityact/ 

Topics to be included within the updated Water Sustainability Act are:

  1.  Protect stream health and aquatic environments
  2. Consider water in land use decisions
  3. Regulate and protect groundwater
  4. Regulate water use during times of scarcity
  5. Improve security, water use efficiency and conservation
  6. Measure and report large-scale water use
  7. Provide for a range of governance approaches